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How Depression Saved My Life

If there’s one thing depression taught me, it’s how huge human emotions can become. Depression can ignite a fire that brings you to the edge of the world time and time again. It’s a disease and people die from it every day. But I’m one of the lucky ones. I battled severe depression for seven… Continue reading How Depression Saved My Life

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Packing Like A Pro And How I Am So Far From Doing It Right

I suck at packing. For someone who is usually so organized at everything else in life, I sure do have a delicate way of shoving all my s**t into boxes with zero organizational skills. The idea of unpacking it all gives me anxiety–but I don’t have to deal with that part for another week or… Continue reading Packing Like A Pro And How I Am So Far From Doing It Right

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Happy Jar Reveal: Highlights from 2017

I started this tradition of mine two years ago: To keep a mason jar and fill it with post it notes throughout the year of notable and memorable things that made me happy. Here’s a video of my 2017 Happy Jar Reveal and some positive words of encouragement at the end:   Have a safe… Continue reading Happy Jar Reveal: Highlights from 2017

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Ever Wonder What A Reporter’s Diet Looks Like?

If you’re reading this and you’re a reporter, this may end up just making you cry and leave you wishing you could spend more time in the gym after you evaluate your sad, truthful diet. If you’re a regular viewer and reading this, you gon’ learn today what reporters deal with out in the field… Continue reading Ever Wonder What A Reporter’s Diet Looks Like?