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What 365 Days Away From Home Has Taught Me

It’s officially been 365 days since I first left the borders of beautiful California to start the next chapter of my life in Iowa as a reporter/MMJ.

As much as I’ve complained and cried, I do not for one minute regret moving somewhere so vastly different from everything I’ve ever known. Could some things have gone better? YA. But could things have been worse? Of course.

I know that I have had some rough years growing up in terms of piecing together my emotional and mental health, but this year has really tried and tested everything that has made me, me.

If I could sum up in one powerful thought what this year away from home has taught me, it would be this:

This year has taught me to pick myself up no matter how much words and actions can hurt, to mend my own heart, to cope without people I thought would stick around, to really take care of myself, and depend on no one other than myself. It’s taught me that no one is going to have your back and the only person who can help you is you.

This was learned not only due to the industry I am in, but just personal life experiences as well. Some of these were learned through excruciatingly painful moments that seemed to drag on forever, others were learned in quick spurts of the day.

I feel as though I have grown as a person, young adult, and reporter this past year. I’m proud of how far I’ve come. I believe every year, we should all strive to be better versions of ourselves than we were 365 days before, and that education does not stop when school does… or even when the workday does. I still have so much more to learn but this year has definitely been a year of impeccable growth for me in so many ways.

I’ve learned to love… and let go.

I’ve learned it’s okay to make mistakes… as long as you grow from them.

I’ve learned to shave toxic people away from my life… and vibe with the ones who propel me forward.

I’ve learned that words hurt… and it’s okay to let them… as long as you get back up.

I’ve learned to refrain from wasting my breath on those who don’t deserve it… and save it for the ones who genuinely take my breath away.

I’ve learned to be accepting of differences… because I, too, am different and want to be accepted.

I’ve learned to enjoy the simplicities of different lifestyles… and that city life is not a life everyone chooses.

I’ve learned to not let others’ problems become my own… and that no truly happy person will go around destroying others.

And I’ve learned that what’s meant to happen, will always happen as it is meant to, no matter how many stones someone may throw in the way.

I know I’ve only been in my career for one year so far, but considering what I’ve learned from the first 365 days, I can tell I have a positive future to look forward to.


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