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What Would Happen If We Learned How To Cry In School

I think it’s about time we give people instructions on ABC’s, 123’s and learning how to cry and weep.

Seriously. Our emotions deserve attention.

Emotions are just as important, if not more important than learning algorithms, colors, history and literature. We need to know how to handle our emotions just as much as we need to learn how to read and write.

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I’ve found in my experience of growing up, that people who know how to handle their emotions perform better in school, at work, and with people. They’re less likely to act irrationally in frustrating situations. They develop more soft skills. They’re more emotionally in tune with the magic of life and how the world works.

So instead of dealing with each situation as it passes as if you are being hit with a truck each time, people who know how to handle their emotions can solve it like a calm, reserved human being.

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But instead of school systems teaching us how to accept, embrace and utilize our emotions to our advantage, we are often taught to ignore them, mask them, put them on the back burners, and shade them away or deal with them later. This is especially applicable to men over women.

So how do we go about teaching our youth that it’s okay to cry? How do we teach them to empathize with others who are emotionally distraught?

Understanding what causes each emotion is a good place to start. Sadness, for example, is brought on by a feeling of loss, despair, loneliness, etc. Every person has a different reason as to why they are sad but the underlying cause will be a similar emotional roller coaster.

If teachers in a classroom went around the room and asked students to describe when the last time they felt sad was and then asked another student in the room how they would help that person deal with it if they were in their shoes, this gets them talking about emotions… having an open conversation… allowing other students to understand how emotions work across the board of the human psyche and how it works individually.

We experience emotions 24/7… so why don’t we talk about it? Why do we have to learn to suppress out emotions until we are adults, bottle it up until it gets so bad we end up in a chair talking to a complete stranger about it in a quiet office space. Ever notice why therapy works for many people? Because it gets you talking about your emotions and why certain things make you feel a certain way. It brings you face-to-face with the demons that are destroying your mind and ration.

If we are taught from the start that it’s okay to cry, to feel enraged, to feel elated, etc. then maybe we could go on through life in an overall better mood. Not to say that we will never feel angry again because we all most certainly will. But dealing with anger and nipping the cause in the bud will help us deal with it better the next time we feel upset. It will be meditative in a way. Crying is good for you. It’s okay to cry, even if someone else thinks the reason you’re crying is stupid. Letting it out is far better than keeping it in and letting it slowly eat away at you. And this goes for all the emotions we experience, not just the times we feel like crying.

Let’s start teaching kids, whether it is at school or at home, to handle every situation as it comes instead of letting them deal with the emotional roller coaster of life on their own.


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