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How Our Insatiable Desire To Feel Good Is Killing Us Slowly

When does the desire to feel good end?

Growing up, we were satisfied with little to none. We could have fun for hours with a bouncy ball, a stick and even just our imaginations. But as we grow up, we are plagued with this notion that we need all these superficial things #theAmericanDream.

We’ve gone from gramophones to cassette tapes to portable CD players to the modern iPod. And each time we progress and think we are satisfied thinking “ahmahgah this is the greatest thing ever”… something new and better comes out to replace it.

We started out talking on brick cell phones to devices that could fit in our pockets. What began with online chatrooms turned into MySpace then Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

So why do we all fall into these things that come about?

Everyone else is doing it, so I should do it to! We yearn for social cohesion… we want to feel like we are a part of something. Simpler times could grant us that when we didn’t know any different. But now, there’s so many different avenues to allow us to “feel something” that we can never be satisfied. We will never always be able to keep up with all the latest and greatest that come out because then we would be spending money out the wah-zoo forever and most of us don’t have endless pockets.

Because of the simple fact that we will never be “good enough” or “up-to-date” enough, it leaves us with an explosive feeling of endless desire.

That’s why there’s so many dang iPhones out there. They’re all essentially the same thing, just a few features are updated and it makes everyone go nuts thinking they HAVE TO HAVE IT for fear of missing out (FOMO).

But what’s so funny and interesting about our technologically progressive culture is that the same things that “make us feel good” also make us feel miserable and disconnected.

Social media? It feels good to get so many likes when YOU post something but when someone else posts a hotter selfie and gets more likes… um, what’s that called? Peanut butter and jealousy. When someone creates a political status and you scroll through and disagree with all the outrageous things they’re saying, it creates a divide and essentially makes us turn off the app feeling upset or agitated… when you originally went on there to troll memes and have a good time. A lot of the time, people will follow pages of models they will never look like, of stores to get notifications whenever they get new shipment in, of fantasy cars they will never have enough money to pay for, etc. And after looking through all that on our timelines and feeds, it makes us feel sad once we look up from our phones and see what we are left with: reality. The bare bones of our “simpleton” lives (well, some of us anyways).

Same applies for trending clothes. That’s why there’s so many ads for the hottest websites to get this “uber cute and amazing purse”. The advertising puts all the latest and greatest ideas in front of your face and taunts you with “Yeah, what you have is cool, but THIS is even cooler.”

Same applies for the most updated version of the Android, iPhone, iPod, Mac, and every other progressive product in the world. It’s a never-ending cycle.

The fact of the matter is, it is impossible to keep up. You need to simply be satisfied with what you have. Heck, some people even go to the measure of cutting back entirely on “things” and not caring about the latest and greatest, but instead spend all their money on life experiences. They travel the world and get rich through exposure  (different kind of rich… not monetary rich). Wanna go to Rome? The Colosseum will never be “updated”. It’s always going to be there as is, and some people are content with the beauty in its history and architecture. They aren’t worried about why the Collosseum always stays the same. They’re happy with how it is and how long it took to make it, how beautiful it is, and how rich in experience it is.

So, think of life in that sense. Just be happy with the way things are, because otherwise, this culture will drive you mad and into depression. Appreciate the things you have for the way you have them. I’m not saying never buy anything ever again. But this insatiable desire our generation has is almost tricking us into thinking we will be happy if we just have X, but that desire will never go away. We will always just want X, then the next X, and so forth.

Our culture has developed a penchant for creating our own differences, sorrows, and and desires. We’ve put them in a negative space and perpetuated it’s daunting criticism. So buy one iPhone and be happy. Follow positive things on Instagram… like memes. Keep shopping limited, your wallet will be much happier and full. Keep your controversial thoughts out of Facebook comments. Perpetuate happiness and the world will eventually catch on if everyone else starts doing it too.


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