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How Having A ‘Happy Jar’ Saved My 2016 From Being Drowned By Compulsive Bulls**t

It’s no secret that 2016 was a year of total ass (and not the good kind).

So many negative things plagued the year in review that it’s hard to pick out good memories from the year–as many people can’t hold their shit together waiting for 2017 to snap on its cape and magically sweep us off our feet from the heaping pile of shit we’ve placed ourselves on.

But just like many things, going through the struggle always seems so amplified and exaggerated until you look at it in hindsight and appreciate things that happened later on. Sometimes, things fall apart so better things can fall together (you’ve all heard that expression, right?).

Now, even though a lot of terrible things happened this past year, there are good things that happened to all of us. The problem? Most of us can’t remember what the good things are because we focus too heavily on the ass (no, still not the good kind, ya nasty). It’s easy to complain about bullshit than to talk about the little victories that were buried beneath our sorrows and woes.

Well, this blog is meant to convince you to start what’s called a ‘Happy Jar’ (I stole the idea from Facebook and Pinterest).

Rather than explaining what it is, I’ll show you from the picture I stole the idea from…


It’s a great idea, yeah!?

I started my jar because I would go through every year thinking it was “such an awful year” (seriously, every year, people think it’s the worst year ever).

But this jar gave me reason to remember why our lives shouldn’t just be filled with face-palming, sobbing and binge-drinking in the corner.

When you write down all the positive things that happen, it forces you to remember when you read them all at the end of the year. So, instead of going to your New Year’s party with shit memories and ending up like this guy…


…you can go in with a plastered smile (literally) as readily and happily as this guy


So what was in my ‘Happy Jar’ this year, you ask? Well, don’t mind if I do…

Here’s the top 10 things I pulled from the jar (sorry, it’s a bit messy):


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wouldn’t have remembered most of this had I not had this ‘Happy Jar’. As I said, it’s so easy to complain and whine because there are a million things we can all bitch about. Finding reasons to hate everything is something humans are innately good at. It’s finding happiness amidst the bullshit that is difficult. It takes a not lazy, motivated, truly determined, positive-minded, open-minded, knee-slappin’, flap jackin’, victorious fist-in-the-air, annoyingly happy type of person to find light in the dark.

But the ‘Happy Jar’ makes it simple. You don’t even have to think about it, you literally just open the jar and can be filled with tee-hee’s, twiddling toes, and cheek-to-cheek smiles despite how many bad things are going on in the world. And the best part? It’s all personalized to YOU. No one else will find the same kind of happiness in this jar as you will. It makes the memories special and unique and cute and fluffy.


So your goal for the new year should be to start one of the cute ass, kick ass, bitchin’ ass jars.



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