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Six Hobbies For People Who Suck At Finding Hobbies

There are so many people in today’s world who don’t do anything besides Netflix, chill, smoke, drink, play video games and then say there’s nothing to do or they complain about how bored they are all the time.

What people don’t realize is that you create your own entertainment, successes and talents. Sure, some places are more exciting to live in than others, which makes finding things to do much simpler because the action is essentially handed to you. But with a city full of things to do, comes a price. And for those who don’t have the means do go out and spend money all the time, boredom can hit pretty hard.

But here’s a list of six fun, cheap, productive hobbies you can pick up if you suck at finding hobbies (or are broke or feel that you aren’t good at anything)

Experiment with cooking. 

Learn how to make a cool new recipe or play around with the things you have in your kitchen. If you live at home, dig through your parent’s cabinets and find something cool to whip up! Even if you suck at cooking, you can only get better by experimenting.

Go out and take cool photos.

Even if you don’t have an actual camera, take pictures on your phone. This gives you a fun excuse to get off your butt, out of the house, and exploring the city. You can find new ways and angles to see certain objects and settings. And when you get home, you can edit them, and print them out for a cool DIY decorating project in your home!

Write a blog/ journal entry.

You don’t have to be a good writer to start writing. Again, practice will make you a better writer. If you aren’t spending your time doing anything else productive anyways, use this time to your advantage and become a better writer! Writing is a valuable asset to almost all things in life.


Learn new things. Empathize with people better. Expand your vocabulary. Heighten your senses. Think more creatively. These are all things you can accomplish just by picking up a book or article!


Again, you don’t have to be good at drawing to pick up a set of colored pencils and express yourself.

Explore on Groupon.

Don’t have a ton of money? Looking for something fun and cheap to do? Groupon is your saving grace when it comes to finding discounted deals in your area. They offer so many things you could fill up your time with like archery classes, cooking classes, sky diving, fitness classes, etc. You will never run out of fun things to do if you search Groupon for cheap things to do in the area. And this is a great way to meet other people who share similar interests. Then you will develop a network of people to fill up your time and provide more forms of entertainment. It’s a domino effect!


Those are just some of the ways to spend your time if you constantly find yourself in a state of boredom or don’t have a ton of money to go out and do things. But just remember, you can be broke as heck, and still be good at a lot of things that will earn you money one day. You just have to use your free time to your advantage by building your skill sets through the hobbies you pick up. You don’t want to live the same year over and over 75 times and call it a life. So get off your butt, step away from the couch (and Netflix), and do something fun!


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