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Disposable Love: Why This Millennial Generation Is Stepping Further Away From “Together Forever”

There are several ways to interpret why this generation of love birds doesn’t nourish long-lasting relationships. In part, it has to do with the increased accessibility we have to meeting new people through incredible and extremely advanced technology. With all the social media platforms around and the numerous dating apps popping up every day, it is so easy to have a fresh and exciting relationship whenever we so desire. Why commit to someone who we know we are going to bore of eventually when we can constantly refresh our pages to bring someone new into the picture?

We’ve all seen the meme of our senior generations who made their marriages work and last a lifetime:

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 6.31.29 PM

So why can’t we find it in ourselves to do the same? 

A little birdy once told me that falling in love is like getting a new household appliance. When it’s brand new, it’s really exciting and works well. But once it is broken, we don’t take the time to learn how to fix it; we simply go buy a new one. 

Considering the disposability that society has imposed onto everything, we always want the latest and greatest when it comes to consumerism as well relationships. 

This same little birdy also told me that if it isn’t technology that has made it so easy to fall out of love,  then perhaps it is because this generation is more independent. We all want to travel and be our own definition of success. Women feel more empowered to not need a man to be happy and are choosing to lead child-free lives; and men want to take on more entrepreneurship-type roles and be their own boss (aka jobs that keep men away from the domestic sphere). On top of this, everyone wants to travel now that it is so easy to do so. By hopping from one spot on the map to another, it is tough to start a relationship with anyone because, let’s be honest, no one enjoys long-distance relationships. 

So how can we fix this? 

Unfortunately, we have created our own destinations. We are the cause of our own problems. Our craving for the fast life has made our relationships begin and end quickly. The sooner we fall in love, the faster we will roll down the other side of that hill only to start the cycle all over again with someone new. 

This also adds to the reason why many are choosing to marry at a later age than our parents and grandparents did. Our younger years are meant for us to enjoy the wonders and joys that come with our technologically advanced world, and to simply have fun. We want to work entry-level jobs to travel and do the things we want to do before we decide to settle down and give our whole selves to someone (before our chances of being young, wild and free diminish).

With that said, there are still relationships that transcend the societal trends of disposability. It is simply up to our life experiences and mindset to determine when we find the right one. 


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