A Million Ways To Say “I Love You”

In fairytales and fantasies, three words are often said in a relationship that indicate happily every after.


There are tons and TONS of articles that try to define what love really means. Some say it is the endless feeling of fluttering butterflies parading through your stomach… a tingling sensation that is reverberated throughout your spine, neck and toes that surfaces when that person of interest walks into the room. It’s that rush of dopamine that floods your brain when thoughts of him or her seep into your stream of consciousness during the day. It’s the sensation of your pupils dilating when you see someone you like. It’s the thudding of your heart as you come closer to interacting with this person. It’s the electric vibe that pulses when your lips touch. It’s the warm flow of commotions trickling from the bulbs of your fingertips up your wrists and forearms through your chest and up your throat as you whisper “I love you” to that special someone.

Some girls, including me, have a common complaint in their relationships: he doesn’t show me enough romantic affection. Some girls, especially ones new to relationships, expect guys to show them unfathomable love and tell them they love them all the time. They expect a phone call or texts throughout the day. Every. Hour. On. The. Hour.

… And that would be nice, no doubt about it. Nothing feels better than being constantly reminded by the person you love that they do love you. But sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming for the person on the opposite side.

Many people have a difficult time seeing the other signs of affection. Ladies and gentlemen, there are a million ways to let someone know you love him or her. Love does is not necessarily shown by telling the person you love them.

Take this scenario for example: If I told you I loved you, then went around and used things without your permission, put my safety before yours, thought about myself before considering you, stole from you, disregarded your feelings, neglected you… would you still feel my love? Would you give me a second chance?

The answer is no. Telling someone you love him or her is virtually useless if you don’t show him or her in every other way. Sure, couples fight. People disagree. No two people are alike. It’s okay to not get along all the time. But as long as the grander scheme of things show that you can put your differences aside and still endlessly love the other person at the end of the day, that is all that should matter.

I could tell someone I love him or her every hour on the hour, but that is just an empty phrase if it is not met equally through my actions.

The point of this entry is to remind people of the many ways you can tell if someone loves you. This is not exclusive to people in romantic relationships. This can be a love between friends, family members, coworkers, or even acquaintances. Love is a universally acknowledged notion. Love can be felt anywhere, in many forms and fashions.

Here are just a few ways I want to remind people that you are loved in more ways than you know:

“Put your seatbelt on”

“Watch your step”

“Be safe”

“Be careful”

“Text me when you get home so I know you’re okay”

“Did you eat?”

“Get some rest”

“Get help”

“You’re right”

“I’m sorry”

… and the list goes on.

It is clear that actions speak louder than words in many aspects. Showing someone you love them speaks volumes against telling someone. But words can also express a lot of emotion as well. If your friend tells you to text him or her when you get home, they care about your life. The fact that car accidents happen every day worries them, because YOU could be the next person. The fact that you made it home safe is comforting.

When your mom or dad tells you to be careful or make good choices while going out, it is because they expect you to come home in one piece at the end of the night. They brought you into this world and it goes against the natural order of life to have something happen to you before their life comes to an end. No parent should have to bury a child.

When your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or whomever else says they are sorry and let you have the upper hand in the argument, they aren’t necessarily doing it because they feel you’ve won. Perhaps they are purely acting out of love… they want the argument to end because they love you more than they love the idea of winning an argument against you.

From something as simple as apologizing in an argument to telling someone to buckle up, the love is emulated. If someone truly did not care about your well being, they would not let you ‘win’ that argument and they would not think twice about making sure you had your seatbelt on.

It’s the little things that truly make a difference. You are loved in more ways than you know. All you have to do is listen.


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